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Lab Members

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John A. Pulikkan

Associate Investigator

Kara Trinkl

Administrative Assistant

Sridevi Surpally

Postdoctoral Fellow


Sridevi Surpally did her Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. Her doctoral dissertation was on the development of novel TNF-related Apoptotic-inducing Ligand-based Immunotoxins for therapeutic targeting of CD25 -positive leukemic cells. Sridevi’s current research focuses on understanding function of histone variants in AML.

Philomina Sona

Research Technologist


Philomina Sona earned her MSc in Microbiology from the Kandaswami Kandar's College, Periyar University, India. Sona worked at Dr. Gerhard Behre’s laboratory at Martin Luther University, Germany investigating microRNA function in CEBPA mutated AML. Later, she worked at Dr. Brian Lewis’s laboratory at University of Massachusetts Medical school, where she explored mechanism of KRAS-Induced Pancreatic Tumorigenesis.  Her research interest is to characterize long non-coding RNA function in AML.

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